Thank you!

When you buy from a small shop, a real person does a happy dance.

We are so grateful for each and every one of your orders

Jenna puts such a beautiful touch on each and every one of her bows. She is not only super talented but a real gem of a person as well.


I absolutely adore all the bows I’ve purchased from your collection and are all still in mint condition. You have an incredible customer service and I’d recommend your products to anyone


Jenna from Pretty Little Things Montreal is amazing! Her service and quality of her products is unbeatable! Every bow I receive from her is absolute PERFECTION!


Who knew that these pretty little things could make such a big beautiful difference to my photo sessions! I’ve recently had the chance to add many of Jenna’s bows & headbands to my accessory collection in my photography studio. Not only are they eye-catching, but the quality is amazing; they are made soft for your little one’s hair/heads, yet durable at same time.